Yoto Mini Teardown / SD Fail Card Replacement

In light of the Yoto Mini recall and a recent SD FAIL message, I decided to open ours up and replace the card myself. (I doubt Yoto will have replacement units anytime soon) It’s a fairly simple process, but unfortunately you do need to break 4 tabs on the screen to access the SD card….

Adding USB-C to a Yoto Player

Edited 5/1/24: I would now purchase this part which streamlines some of the instructions below. We love our Yoto player, but it uses an easily broken and easily lost proprietary puck charger that’s $25 to replace. No thanks! The mini model uses USB-C and has the same 5V input as the larger model. Our charger…


Over the last few months I’ve baked a lot of sourdough. Over the last few weeks I’ve given away 20+ starters for others to bake with. My starter now has grandchildren! They grow up so fast. Sourdough FAQ Where is the starter from?  I took a workshop from Sour Flour in June 2014 and got…

SNOO and eero Incompatibility

If you have eero as your home router and just bought a SNOO, you’re in for a surprise! Unfortunately when you combine a best-in-class router and a best-in-class smart baby bassinet, they aren’t at all compatible. Since I couldn’t find any published information or posts on this issue, here’s a quick recap for future Google-ers….

Pumpkin Beer 2016

View & sort all 80+ pumpkin beer reviews Ugh. It’s that time of year again. Thankfully we only found nine new pumpkin beers this year, because I don’t know how we would have managed if we’d found a jackpot. Pumpkin Pie De Brettaville – Almanac Brewing Co: 5/10 Tastes like apple cider vinegar spritzer. “Rumpkin” Imperial Pumpkin…