Tern GSD 3D Printed Model

I love our Tern GSD. We just crossed 2000 miles ridden over the last 15 months and can’t really imagine life without it. Part of the joy is customizing it as we go – everything from racks and seats to locks and Woom-holding aero bars. Even a clubhouse-mounted bubble fan that kinda worked! (Here’s a…

Adding USB-C to a Yoto Player

We love our Yoto player, but it uses an easily broken and easily lost proprietary puck charger that’s $25 to replace. No thanks! The mini model uses USB-C and has the same 5V input as the larger model. Our charger broke a few days ago, so I decided to add USB-C charging before a trip….


Over the last few months I’ve baked a lot of sourdough. Over the last few weeks I’ve given away 20+ starters for others to bake with. My starter now has grandchildren! They grow up so fast. Sourdough FAQ Where is the starter from?  I took a workshop from Sour Flour in June 2014 and got…

SNOO and eero Incompatibility

If you have eero as your home router and just bought a SNOO, you’re in for a surprise! Unfortunately when you combine a best-in-class router and a best-in-class smart baby bassinet, they aren’t at all compatible. Since I couldn’t find any published information or posts on this issue, here’s a quick recap for future Google-ers….

Pumpkin Beer 2016

View & sort all 80+ pumpkin beer reviews Ugh. It’s that time of year again. Thankfully we only found nine new pumpkin beers this year, because I don’t know how we would have managed if we’d found a jackpot. Pumpkin Pie De Brettaville – Almanac Brewing Co: 5/10 Tastes like apple cider vinegar spritzer. “Rumpkin” Imperial Pumpkin…