The Great Pumpkin Ale Tasting of 2011

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A few of the pumpkin beers that Kristan and I tasted this year. Yum!

It’s been a tough month. After going through a few various Oktoberfest six-packs, we moved on Pumpkin Ales. For science! And the betterment of pumpkin-lovers worldwide. Our rating scale relates to the pumpkin beer as a whole. We rated the beer itself on a 1-10 scale and then added or subtracted based on the overall “pumpkin-ness” of the beer.

Pumpkin Ale – Wasatch Brewery (7/10) Smooth, not spicy, a bit of a pie-like creaminess

Pumpkinhead Ale – Shipyard (6/10) Our winner last year, a great balance of spice and smoothness

Hipp-O-Lantern – River Horse Brewing Co. (6/10) Not spicy, not much pumpkin flavor

Spicy Pumpkin Ale – Indian Wells Brewing Company (6/10) Just the right amount of spice to make it interesting, yet still very drinkable.

UFO Pumpkin – Harpoon Brewery (6/10) Slight spiciness, good pumpkin taste, very drinkable

Punk’n Ale – Uinta Brewing Company (5/10) Smells of cinnamon & nutmeg, not pumpkin, light body

Pumpkin Wheat – Shock Top (4/10) Good light beer, but barely any pumpkin taste whatsoever

Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale – Blue Moon (3/10) Like Sam Adams, tastes like a Fall blend but nothing like pumpkins

La Parcela – Jolly Pumpkin Brewing (3/10) Very sour, no pumpkin taste, great head

Smashed Pumpkin (Pugsley’s Signature Series) – Shipyard (3/10) Very strong at 9% ABV, medium pumpkin taste, very thin

Harvest Pumpkin Ale – Samuel Adams Brewery (2/10) Tastes suspiciously like their Oktoberfest blend- is this pumpkin ale?

Pumpkin Ale – Buffalo Bill’s Brewery (2/10) Slight pumpkin taste, terrible and undrinkable beer

Punkin Ale – Dogfish Head Craft Brewery (2/10) Too bitter to enjoy. Not a great taste.

Oak Jacked Imperial Pumpkin Ale – Uinta Brewing (0/10) Too strong (10.31% ABV), yet light and tasteless

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