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And so it continues for the third year running. We’re at a whopping 32 and we’re not done yet!

The Great Pumpkin Ale – Cambridge Brewing Company 6/10
Claims to be New England’s first pumpkin ale, which, having just seen the plethora of pumpkin ales in New England, seems to a bit unlikely given that the brewery’s only been around since 1989. Nevertheless, the ale is good, with a hint of pumpkin flavor and a delightful lack of the “pumpkin pie spices” that seems to characterize most pumpkin ales. Edited: We tried this again in 2014 and once again rated it as a 6 — without checking what our previous rating was first. Consistency!

Pumple Drumkin Spiced Ale – Cisco Brewers Inc 6/10
Light, good beer. Little pumpkin taste

Roadsmary’s Baby – Two Roads Brewing Company 4/10
Darker beer, somewhat spicy

Fat Jack – Samuel Adams Brewery 4/10
Nothing special here

Imperial Pumpkin Ale – Weyerbacher Brewing Co 4/10
This bottle cracked when opening which may have skewed my opinion slightly. Decent dark beer, faint spice, reminiscent of chai, but not really pumpkin.

Pumpkin Ale – Long Trail Brewing Co. 8/10
Light, crisp. Pumpkin aftertaste

Imperial Pumpkin – Long Trail Brewing Co. 5/10
Dark, caramel, higher alcohol, not very pumpkin

Jacko Traveler Shandy – The Traveler Beer Co. 6/10
An enjoyable drink, very heavy on the lemon flavoring. Too sweet to drink more than a glass.

Fall Hornin – Anderson Valley 9/10
Yum! Medium bodied with strong pumpkin taste

Great Punkin – Renaissance Brewing 7/10
Dark, full bodied, rich pumpkin pie spice taste

Pumpkin Porter – Alaskan Brewing 2/10
Terrible smokey/ashey aftertaste (approx 4.5 seconds after). Doesn’t taste like pumpkins. Tastes like bad beer.

Pumpkin Porter – Red Hook Brewing 4/10
Better than Alaskan. Not ashy. Not really pumpkiny.

Pumpkin Patch Ale – Rogue Farms 10/10
Delicious with lots of pumpkin. This is what pumpkin ales should taste like.

Heirloom Pumpkin Barleywine – Almanac Beer Co 8/10
500lbs of heirloom pumpkins makes for a strong and spicy barleywine. Yum.

Maverick’s Pumpkin Harvest Ale – Half Moon Bay Brewing Co. 7.5/10
Pumpkin pie aroma, sharp mouthfeel. Decent beer overall.

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