Mixed Technology

I’ve had a package of Polaroid type 59 instant 4×5 film in my fridge for five years now and decided to use it today. After picking up a set of Photojojo iPhone lenses from Doc Pop (courtesy of a Postagram contest), Kristan and I headed to Glen Canyon to have a picnic and shoot some photos. We found some great boulders to camp out on and took the first two of these:

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We then packed up and drove over to Sutro Tower and shot a few more:

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It was a great afternoon filled with a bizarre mixture of technology. The pinhole camera was made out of wood, the Polaroid back is 20 years old, the film is at least 8 years old, and my iPhone and lenses are brand new. Overall, I think it was a pretty fantastic mixture. Now I’m off to find more discontinued sheet film. Stay tuned for more!

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