SNOO and eero Incompatibility

If you have eero as your home router and just bought a SNOO, you’re in for a surprise! Unfortunately when you combine a best-in-class router and a best-in-class smart baby bassinet, they aren’t at all compatible. Since I couldn’t find any published information or posts on this issue, here’s a quick recap for future Google-ers.

SNOO uses 2.4Ghz and WPA2 security. eero primarily uses 5Ghz with a hidden 2.4Ghz fallback and WPA2 PSK AES. This sounds like it should work, but it doesn’t.

SNOO doesn’t support mesh networks and shows each eero base/beacon as separate networks / duplicate SSIDs. No other device in the house does this, and eero was very surprised to hear this. Screenshot below (sheep / sheep’s clothing networks)

From SNOO customer support: “We have had known issues with snoo not connecting to Eero routers due to the mesh network. We have had a few customers were successful with connecting. However, if they become disconnected, they can’t get back online.”

Even if the secondary beacons are unplugged and you connect to the base station directly, you’ll then see a “Wrong Password” error even if the password is entered correctly. My guess is this is due to SNOO not fully supporting WPA2 PSK AES.

If you think you’ll find a quick fix by disabling your password entirely, you’d be mistaken – the SNOO app requires a password even for networks without security.

From SNOO customer support: Unfortunately, snoo does not support open networks.

While not using the SNOO app is an an option, if you have a mesh network setup and a high-end smart bassinet, I’m assuming that’s not ideal for you either. After some back and forth with both eero and SNOO, I decided to purchase a secondary “dumb” 2.4Ghz router for $20, the D-Link N 300. We now have a secondary “snoo” network which works just fine alongside our eero.

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