Pumpkin Ales 2012

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The tasting continues for 2012!

Our rating scale relates to the pumpkin beer as a whole. We rated the beer itself on a 1-10 scale and then added or subtracted based on the overall “pumpkin-ness” of the beer.

(Imperial) Pumking – Southern Tier Brewing (7/10)
Crisp IPA with a strong pumpkin aroma and initial taste. Light color, standard head. “Bewitched and brewed with pagan spirit”.

Fruit Crate Pumpkin Ale – Hermitage Brewing (4/10)
Brown ale lacking pumpkin flavor or spice. A nice change from the typical pumpkin lager, but disappointing overall.

Ace Pumpkin Cider  – The California Cider Company (3/10)
Vaguely interesting at first, but the novelty wears off  quickly midway through a six-pack. Too thin, too sweet, and pretty bad overall.

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