Pumpkin Beer Overview

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Beer Name
Our Rating
BA Rating
Pumpkin Ale Wasatch Brewery Ale 4.0% 7 82 Smooth, not spicy, a bit of a pie-like creaminess 2011
UFO Pumpkin Harpoon Brewery Ale 5.9% 6 81 Slight spiciness, good pumpkin taste, very drinkable 2011
Spicy Pumpkin Ale Indian Wells Brewing Company Ale 5.5% 6 68 Just the right amount of spice to make it interesting, yet still very drinkable. 2011
Hipp-O-Lantern River Horse Brewing Co. Ale 5.9% 6 85 Not spicy, not much pumpkin flavor 2011
Pumpkinhead Ale Shipyard Ale 4.7% 6 69 Our winner last year, a great balance of spice and smoothness 2011
Punk’n Ale Uinta Brewing Company Ale 5.0% 5 76 Smells of cinnamon & nutmeg, not pumpkin, light body 2011
Pumpkin Wheat Shock Top Wheat 5.2% 4 71 Good light beer, but barely any pumpkin taste whatsoever 2011
Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale Blue Moon Ale 5.7% 3 71 Like Sam Adams, tastes like a Fall blend but nothing like pumpkins 2011
La Parcela Jolly Pumpkin Brewing Michigan Ale 6.0% 3 87 Very sour, no pumpkin taste, great head 2011
Smashed Pumpkin (Pugsley’s Signature Series) Shipyard Ale 9.0% 3 84 Very strong at 9% ABV, medium pumpkin taste, very thin 2011
Pumpkin Ale Buffalo Bill’s Brewery Ale 6.0% 2 68 Slight pumpkin taste, terrible and undrinkable beer 2011
Punkin Ale Dogfish Head Craft Brewery Ale 7.0% 2 89 Too bitter to enjoy. Not a great taste. 2011
Harvest Pumpkin Ale Samuel Adams Brewery Ale 5.7% 2 79 Tastes suspiciously like their Oktoberfest blend- is this pumpkin ale? 2011
Oak Jacked Imperial Pumpkin Ale Uinta Brewing Company Ale 10.3% 0 89 Too strong (10.31% ABV), yet light and tasteless 2011
(Imperial) Pumking Southern Tier Brewing Ale 8.6% 7 91 Crisp IPA with a strong pumpkin aroma and initial taste. Light color, standard head. “Bewitched and brewed with pagan spirit”. 2012
Fruit Crate Pumpkin Ale Hermitage Brewing Ale 9.0% 4 67 Brown ale lacking pumpkin flavor or spice. A nice change from the typical pumpkin lager, but disappointing overall. 2012
Ace Pumpkin Cider The California Cider Company Cider 5.0% 3 N/A Vaguely interesting at first, but the novelty wears off quickly midway through a six-pack. Too thin, too sweet, and pretty bad overall. 2012
Pumpkin Patch Ale Rogue Farms Ale 5.6% 10 86 Delicious with lots of pumpkin. This is what pumpkin ales should taste like. 2013
Fall Hornin Anderson Valley Ale 6.0% 9 81 Yum! Medium bodied with strong pumpkin taste 2013
Pumpkin Ale Long Trail Brewing Co Ale 5.5% 8 77 Light, crisp. Pumpkin aftertaste 2013
Great Punkin Renaissance Brewing Ale 7.2% 8 82 Dark, full bodied, rich pumpkin pie spice taste. Tasted in 2013 and rated 7, re-tasted in 2015 and rated 8 2013
Heirloom Pumpkin Barleywine Almanac Beer Co Barleywine 12.8% 8 94 500lbs of heirloom pumpkins makes for a strong and spicy barleywine. Yum. 2013
Maverick’s Pumpkin Harvest Ale Half Moon Bay Brewing Co. Ale 4.8% 7.5 81 Pumpkin pie aroma, sharp mouthfeel. Decent beer overall. 2013
The Great Pumpkin Ale Cambridge Brewing Company Ale 4.4% 6 88 Claims to be New England’s first pumpkin ale, which, having just seen the plethora of pumpkin ales in New England, seems to a bit unlikely given that the brewery’s only been around since 1989. Nevertheless, the ale is good, with a hint of pumpkin flavor and a delightful lack of the “pumpkin pie spices” that seems to characterize most pumpkin ales. 2013
Pumple Drumkin Spiced Ale Cisco Brewers Inc Ale 6.0% 6 79 Light, good beer. Little pumpkin taste 2013
Jacko Traveler Shandy The Traveler Beer Co. Shandy 4.4% 6 81 An enjoyable drink, very heavy on the lemon flavoring. Too sweet to drink more than a glass. 2013
Imperial Pumpkin Long Trail Brewing Co Ale 8.0% 5 83 Dark, caramel, higher alcohol, not very pumpkin 2013
Fat Jack Samuel Adams Brewery Ale 8.5% 4 82 Nothing special here 2013
Roadsmary’s Baby Two Roads Brewing Company Ale 6.8% 4 83 Darker beer, somewhat spicy 2013
Imperial Pumpkin Ale Weyerbacher Brewing Co Ale 8.0% 4 87 This bottle cracked when opening which may have skewed my opinion slightly. Decent dark beer, faint spice, reminiscent of chai, but not really pumpkin. 2013
Pumpkin Porter Red Hook Brewing Porter 5.8% 4 79 Better than Alaskan. Not ashy. Not really pumpkiny. 2013
Pumpkin Porter Alaskan Brewing Porter 7.0% 2 85 Terrible smokey/ashey aftertaste (approx 4.5 seconds after). Doesn’t taste like pumpkins. Tastes like bad beer. 2013
Witch's Hair Pumpkin Ale Twisted Manzanita Ales Ale 9.5% 9 82 Fantastic! Somewhat sweet, but very drinkable for the ABV. Good pumpkin flavor, some spice elements as well. 2014
Pumpkick New Belgium Brewing Ale 6.0% 8.5 77 Smooth, drinkable. A little tart, presumably from the cranberries. Very good! 2014
Pinchy Jeek Barl Anderson Valley Brewing Company Ale 8.5% 8 78 Wow! If this is what happens when you age beer, I can't wait to age beer. Or cocktails. Or cats. But seriously, this was some great beer. Maybe not great pumpkin beer, but great beer. And that 8.5% was appreciated. 2014
Gore'd Avery Brewing Ale 5.3% 8 83 Smooth, well balanced beer with a light nutmeg and allspice aroma. Not a strong pumpkin flavor – more towards pumpkin pie spice. 2014
Pumpkineater Howe Sound Inn & Brewing Company Ale 8.0% 8 87 Our first Canadian pumpkin beer! Amazingly drinkable for an 8.2% beer. Not particularly pumpkiny, but a nice spicy flavor and a full body. Good with friends given the liter bottle! Great label design with a lot of info- maybe that's a Canadian thing, but we wholeheartedly agree that IBUs, color, hop variety, etc. should be on bottles! 2014
The Great Pumpkin Ale Steamworks Brewing Company Ale 5.2% 7.5 87 Strangely we found our second Canadian entry right after we drank the first. Same great label info in another pretty design. But onto the beer! It contains several spices, none of which is overwhelming. The style is not too heavy or too light. Overall a solid beer, that's just not quite as good as its B.C. neighbor. 2014
Fermentation Without Representation Epic & DC Brau Brewing Co Imperial Porter 8.3% 6 87 Kristan liked it more than Max. Good, but not great. Low pumpkin content. 2014
Gourdgeous Hangar 24 Imperial Porter 8.5% 6 86 Good imperial porter. But it's not a pumpkin beer. Molasses beer, maybe…. 2014
Dark Pumpkin Sour Almanac Beer Co. Sour 7.0% 6 88 Max abstained from this tasting because he doesn't care for sour beers in general. Great flavor, though not very pumpkiny. It was flat and full of sediment though, so it seems like we got a dud bottle. Will try again and revise! 2014
Superstition Black Market Brewing Co. Ale 6.8% 5.5 N/A We couldn't decide if we did or didn't like this one, but we did manage to finish 22oz. Neither pumpkiny or spicy, Superstition had a caramel flavor with vanilla notes on the finish. Not bad, but unexpected for a pumpkin ale. 2014
Saranac Pumpkin Ale Matt Brewing Company Ale 5.4% 5 78 Somewhat flat, not very flavorful. 2014
Treat Midnight Sun Brewing Co. Imperial Chocolate Porter 7.8% 5 91 Ladies and gentlemen, we have a porter. Unfortunately, one with no discernible pumpkin or spiced flavours.Maybe we're just sick of pumpkin beers at this point — this was our second to last taste for 2014. 2014
Pumpkin Ale Bootlegger's Brewery Ale 6.1% 4 85 Max didn't like this at all, but Kristan drank most of the bottle. But she agrees, it's not great. There's a taste that we can't place that reminds Max of cleaning products. 2014
Trickster Midnight Sun Brewing Co. Ale 7.0% 4 82 Bitter and one dimensional. 2014
He Said (Baltic Porter) 21st Amendment Brewery / Elysian Brewing Porter 8.2% 4 84 Better than the Tripel in that the style seemed more "fall", but we ended up using most of it to put out a campfire. 2014
He Said (Tripel) 21st Amendment Brewery / Elysian Brewing Tripel 8.2% 4 85 Too strong, not pumpkiny, not even really spicy. Bland strong beer. Really wanted it to be better. 2014
Smoked Pumpkin Cider Tieton Cider Works Cider 6.9% 2 N/A Reminiscent of orange soda. In a bad way. No discernible pumpkin or spice or smoke. 2014
Pumpkin Lager Beer Lakefront Brewery, Inc. WI Ale 6.0% 7 78 Pumpkin flavor, somewhat sweet. 2015
Pumpkin Pedaler Stormbreaker Portland Ale 7.3% 7 N/A Solid pumpkin beer, with a sweet finish. 2015
Pumpkin Lambicus Timmermans Lambic 4.0% 7 82 Tastes great. Very drinkable. No pumpkin at all. 2015
Black Pumpkin Oatmeal Stout Buffalo Bill's Brewery Oatmeal Stout 7.5% 7 85 Surprisingly good for Buffalo Bill's! We all liked it. 2015
Sour Pumpkin 2015 Almanac San Francisco Sour 8.5% 7 90 Draft. Toasty flavors with a nice sour kick. Not particularly pumpkiny or spicy, but very drinkable (for a high proof sour). 2015
Pumpkin Ale Alaskan Brewing Ale 6.0% 6 82 Average pumpkin beer. But sweeter than the norm! 2015
Pumpkin Falls American River Ale 6.0% 6 N/A Great paired with a fall-ish quinoa bowl. A little sweetness, a little spice – solid. 2015
The Dapper Skeleton Burnside Brewing Co Portland Ale 5.9% 6 N/A Smoky like mezcal, but not particularly pumpkiny. Nice spice/heat level if you're into that. (Max abstains from rating.) 2015
Red Betty Spiced Pumpkin Ale Central City Brewers + Distillers British Columbia, Canada Ale 5.0% 6 N/A Nicely spiced. Drinkable. Creamy. 2015
Crooked Tooth Pumpkin Ale Phillips Brewing Company British Columbia, Canada Ale 5.0% 6 N/A Lovely pumpkin flavor 2015
Night Owl Pumpkin Ale Elysian Brewing Company WA Ale 6.7% 5 88 Overwhelming cinnamon and nutmeg flavors. Drinkable. 2015
Pumpkin Ale Mendocino Brewing Company Ale 5.0% 5 80 Starts nicer than it finishes. Some pumpkin spice flavor. We didn't like the cocoa. 2015
Crooked'er Tooth Barrel Aged Pumpkin Ale Phillips Brewing Company British Columbia, Canada Ale 7.3% 5 N/A Heavy ginger notes – good, but too big of a flavor. 2015
Pumpkin Batch Samuel Adams MA Ale 5.6% 5 80 Drinkable, hoppy on the finish. Not much pumpkin flavor. 2015
Bourbon Barrel Aged Smashed Pumpkin Shipyard Ale 12.0% 5 87 Bourbon notes and high proof make great cocktails. 2015
Barking Pumpkin Magnolia San Francisco Brown Ale 6.6% 5 N/A Drinkable brown ale. No trace of pumpkin. 2015
Post Road Pumpkin Ale Brooklyn Brewery NY Ale 5.0% 4 80 Below average. Gets worse as you drink it. 2015
Patrick O' Pumpkin Central City Brewers + Distillers British Columbia, Canada Ale 8.0% 4 N/A Dark and heavy – good if you're into that. (Serious bonus: Hilarious comic back story on their website!) 2015
Pumpkin Ale Laurelwood Portland Ale 7.5% 4 N/A Your average pumpkin beer. 2015
Engine 45 Mendocino Brewing Ukiah Ale 5.0% 4 N/A Boring. Not enthused. 2015
Imperial Pumpkin Sleigh'r Ninkasi Oregon Imperial Ale 9.0% 4 N/A Dark. Strong. Not worth drinking. 2015
Schadenfreude Parallel 49 British Columbia, Canada Oktoberfest 5.0% 4 N/A Some say this tastes like cherry cough syrup. Others beg to differ and think it's a decent malty pumpkin ale. 2015
Punk' In Drublic Imperial Pumpkin Ale Coronado Brewing Company Imperial Ale 8.0% 3 85 Malty, somewhat bitter. Not pumpkin. Didn't want to drink it. 2015
Pumpkin Down Ballast Point San Diego Scottish Ale 5.8% 3 85 Cough syrup? No pumpkin at all. Hardly drinkable. 2015
Funky Pumpkin Boulevard Brewing Co. Missouri Sour 5.8% 2 84 Strangely tastes like ginger ale to start, then on the finish shifts to a lackluster nothingness of flavor. 2015
"Rumpkin" Imperial Pumpkin Ale in Rum Barrels Avery Brewing Colorado Imperial Ale 17.4% 8 90 Very sweet. Complex. Drinks like a fall cocktail. 2016
Basic Fish Ballast Point San Diego Gose 4.2% 7 N/A pumpkin spice gose containing lactose; good dose of spices but not so much pumpkin. Tangy and drinkable! 2016
Los Vivos y Los Muertos Jolly Pumpkin Brewing Michigan Saison 4.2% 7 N/A Made with lime and pumpkin, yet somehow subtlely sour. No overt pumpkin flavor but very drinkable. Good with spicy food. 2016
Funkier Pumpkin Boulevard Brewing Co. Missouri Sour 8.5% 7 87 Kinda of sweet with allspice notes in the back of your throat at the finish. Not particularly pumpkiny but good. 2016
Oakdale Pumpkin Ale Laughing Monk San Francisco Ale 7.7% 6 N/A Clean. Sweet. Very spiced. Pumpkin forward, poor finish. 2016
"Pump[KY]n" Bourbon Barrel Aged Ale with Spices Avery Brewing Colorado Imperial Ale 18.8% 6 91 Too sweet. Not balanced. 2016
Pumpkin Milk Stout Belching Beaver Milk Stout 5.3% 5 85 "One of the best stouts I've had in awhile", but not really pumpkin or pie spiced 2016
Pumpkin Pie De Brettaville Almanac Brewing Co San Francisco Sour 7.5% 5 N/A Tastes like apple cider vinegar spritzer. 2016
Pumpkin Ale Tap Room No. 21 / Rivertown Brewing Co Ale 5.3% 3 N/A Smells sweet. Tastes bland. Like off brand cola. 2016
Pumpkin Smash 2014 Cascade Oregon Sour 12.5% 8 88 Baking spices on the finish, but only after you've soured your palate. A great sour! 2017
Pumpkin Ale Kern River Brewing Company California Ale 6.0% 4 73 Some spices. Not the worst. 2018
Voodoo Ranger Special Release Atomic Pumpkin New Belgium Brewing Ale 6.40% 7 86 Spicy! Starts sweet with cinnanamon, then turns into a lingering jalapano heat 2019
Dark Knife Elysian Brewing Company German Schwarzbier 4.30% 5 83 Very little pumpkin or spice flavor. Good dark beer overall though 2019
Howling Gourds Trader Joe's Brewing Company Ale 7.00% 6.3 81 A little heavy on the spice (particularly clove), a little light on the body. Overall nice though. (Scott & Elisse) 2019

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