way to go amazon.com

I ordered something for a special someone’s birthday, and after the order online was marked as delivered, and UPS told me to contact the shipper (because only they can start a “trace”?), I was a bit frustrated when there was no phone number to be found for Amazon. However, I did find this – a “call me” page where you enter your number and amazon calls you right away on the telly. Shiny.

I told the man who called me all about my problem, and when I suggested starting an official UPS claim, he rebuked that idea and asked if sending a replacement item next day shipping, for free, would make me happy. Of course it did, as I thankfully left a few days until B-Day, so well done Amazon. Of course, I might now end up with two of the gift, which would be especially awkward.. They didn’t even really care if I sent the other back if it even showed up. Crazy.

Good job Amazon. You get points in my book.

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