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Inspired by lifehacker and this post, I put together a picture and listing of the contents of my everyday bag. Took a lot longer than I thought, but here it is:


Here’s what goes most everywhere with me around college and town, much of that by bike.

  1. Chrome Mini Metro w/ cell phone strap-pouch: Just about the right size for all this, and sometimes my mac. Works fantastically as a biking bag – I suppose that’s fitting from a company of once-was San Francisco bike messengers.
  2. Sigg 1L sport bottle: holds lots of water, fits nicely on my bike
  3. House of Leaves: my current book – good to have around for those off-times
  4. Sunglasses: I’m either wearing these or it’s cloudy.. or night, I suppose
  5. Moleskin: A place to jot down important things and non-important things alike
  6. Gum: The most amazing flavor ever – Trident ‘tropical twist’
  7. 2GB Sandisk USB flash drive: basically indestructible and ever so useful
  8. 80GB 5G iPod: Full of music
  9. Olympus Stylus 720SW: Also indestructible – waterproof as well
  10. Holux GPSlim 240: Pairs with my phone to tell me where I am
  11. Micro SD card reader: Get to my phone files whenever
  12. HTC TYTN: My phone, gmail checker, etc
  13. Highlighter
  14. LAMY fountain pen
  15. Twin-tip Sharpie
  16. Black Felt-tip Pen
  17. Purple Pen
  18. Black Pen
  19. Soma bike multi-tool: Good for all those strange things needing to be fixed on my bike
  20. Cateye Bike Light: Have to take this off so it won’t get stolen
  21. Crank Bros air pump: This would also get stolen on a bike
  22. Shure E3c headphones: The only problem with these is their complete blocking of outside sound that tends to make one oblivious to their surroundings
  23. Keys: car, house, bike
  24. Timbuk2 Wallet: Great design with elastic closure
  25. Chapstick
  26. Taped up roll of quarters
  27. Prescription eyedrops for allergies
  28. Moo business cards in a Etsy-found case
  29. Wagner swiss army knife in a case
  30. Titanium Zippo
  31. Post-it notes

Overall, I think I’d be better off than some if I ever crashed onto a deserted island inhabited by people trying to kill me. Of course, I wouldn’t do as well as the guy traveling with a suitcase chuck full of knives. Or those question-inducing people that just happen to carry around pistols with laser sights…

Update: Posted  on Lifehacker

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