Star Wars + Transformers = ?

star trans2So, in something that probably should not ever happen, the two worlds of Star Wars and Transformers have been brought together. No, this doesn’t mean Megatron with a lightsaber, it means a transforming Darth Vader. Into the freaking Death Star. That’s right. The completed Death Star, on top of that. Apparently this isn’t the only one – there’s a Chewbacca/Millennium Falcon hybrid as well. Hooray!

And on top of that – I just finished Bioshock. It’s amazing. Crazy, and morally horrible, but amazing. Go play it. But don’t buy it, because it’s a short game.. Rent it, have a few genetic-alteration-full days, and you’ll be happy.

Oh, and for anyone who has played/seen the game, you’ll find this comic very amusing.

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