and thus winter begins

I haven’t posted much in quite some time as things have been slightly hectic: traveling to see family, having a birthday, working on the house, and starting classes again. I’m finishing my lower division art requirements and starting more advanced digital media –  working on the film minor which looks like this:

  • HAVC 10E – Africa, Oceana, and the Americas
  • Art 118 – Computer Art Theory
  • Film 20P – Film Production

So many sections. So many. On a good note, exciting things are happening at KZSC –  Bend To Squares will stay at the same time and I’ll be creating a new program guide:


View the full KZSC archives here.

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  1. i am so glad you know about wallace and gromit! and i love that the moon is made of cheese and they eat it… when i watch wallace and gromit i always eat cheese.

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