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  1. WoW is productive. Not only does it give you mouse/keyboard skills, but it also helps interpersonal relations and networking. When was the last time you went out and kill wild boars with your best friend that’s 325 miles away? That’s easy! This morning.

    Geeky has replaced cool. It’s a fact.

  2. Hey-

    So, I’ve know this guy named Abe Waggoner since I was born, pretty much… his mom worked with mine, so we’ve gone to school together forever. I don’t know if his time at NU ever coincided with yours. Anyway, he lives in SF now and I got ahold of his band’s demo CD, which can be found at


    I sent them a message on myspace about your radio show and how you want to “give both big and small indie bands a chance to be heard”… I like their stuff, maybe you will, too.

    Have a nice night!

    – *gasp* Guess who.

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