Phantom 2 Vision+ Rental

I rented a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ quadcopter from Photojojo this weekend and spent a few hours learning how to fly and take video and still images with it. It was a blast and I highly recommend checking one out. Stills from Noe Valley, The Presidio (Off the Grid), Crissy Field, and Land’s End below followed by a video….

Two Week Challenge

My housemate Christopher and I are challenging each other every two weeks to keep things exciting this year. My first two week challenge of 2010. The challenge: make a lip-sync video to Franz Ferdinand’s “Take Me Out” starring at least 10 people I didn’t know personally. I started out in Dolores Park, and rocked out…

100 Photos in 100 Days

From July – November 2009, I “made” something every day. Usually a photo, sometimes a video, but something got uploaded to Flickr daily. Here’s the full slideshow. View images individually here. Stay tuned for MSCED 2010.

maddbadger, maddbadger, maddbadger

Looks like this blog has turned into a portfolio of sorts showcasing my work, with the occasional non-me-related think I find awesome. Well, this time I have something that falls into both categories. Inspired by my housemate, Christopher, doing his rapping thing as usual, my other housemate and I decided that his “name” maddbadger deserved…