Rockin’ Chairs


Inspired by the internet – mainly amazing before and after pictures, and some sweet fabric patterns for sale, I took it upon myself to fix up and reupholster two outdoor rocking chairs. They were literally falling apart and a bit of a hazard to sit in. After a few days of taking apart, sanding, painting, stapling, and gluing, volia! Brand new, sweet looking chairs. (Hopefully the picture above is clear enough to show which is which.)

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  3. Wow that looks lovely! . . I have the very same rocking chair and found it very difficult to get the fabric covered inserts out of the frame . . now I’ve recovered them . . I’m wondering how to fix them in place securely. I don’t know what type of glue had been used initially, but it was good stuff that’s for sure! . . My glue gun wont be good enough, plus the glue cools and sets too quickly, so by the time I’ve gotten all the way around, its too late!

    Any hints and tips would be great! 😀 . . . I’ve sort of come to a bit of a stumbling block with mine :-/

  4. I have the same exact chair and I just started to take it apart and need to get some better sanding paper..hopefully it comes out good.

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