Garden Party. Right Now.


Today marks the first day of my San Francisco growing season, and hopefully my amazing vegetable season will follow shortly. Or in 48-92 days. Something like that. Two solid days of taming the Jumanji of a forgotten backyard, a day of planting Home Depot seedings, and we’re off! There’s all sorts of peppers, cucumbers, herbs, peas, melons, trees, and a few colorful flowers. Exciting. Here’s a few more pictures:




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  1. It’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us. I remember a photo of you in the garden about 10 years ago…. I’d like to see the current version of that same photo soon, with the harvest of your new garden.

    Congrats on the new place Max. I’m so grateful you found it- even if you did win the contest. 🙂

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