Da Daaaa, Da Da Da da da da da

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Hell yes. You might have noticed that I love Katamari Damacy (the little guy on the bottom of the page). And there’s a new game! New Katamari Damacy! This time with more beauty! And on the Xbox?!? Yep – Beautiful Katamari was finally released, and it rocks. It’s high-def, adds new multiplayer and online features, and is tons of fun.

And if that’s not enough. Go get a Katamari t-shirt strangely from the awesome programmers behind Transmit.

Or look at some Katamari comics like this one. Or this one!

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  1. Max made the mistake of sending me a link to an xkcd comic last week… so I spent a few quality hours and read every single one, in backwards order.

    *dazed smile*

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