content management systems! hooray!

So, in an effort to replace the Zope/Plone craziness of, I’ve been looking into CMS alternatives. I know – exciting, right? It’s been a whole lot of uploading files, changing permissions and using the wonderful new tabbed terminal in Leopard. I’ve set up a few on this site so far, with only one looking like a real option. If anyone’s had any experience with any of these – let me know!

  • WordPress – Blog-centric but easy to use
  • Drupral – Crazy technical
  • Expression Engine – Not very user friendly and a hell of a time to change skins
  • Joomla – Good for non-blogs so far and very easily skinnable
  • Plone – An actual up-to-date version that makes life better

So maybe WordPress for – it’s a whole lot easier than Plone, that’s for sure. But for this blog? WordPress all the way.

On another note – anyone have any strong opinions on the Academy of Art? Specifically the School of Computer Arts: New Media? Because that’s looking like a nice place to head next.

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  1. Oh god. Academy of Art.

    There’s just so much I could say here about it.

    If you can get through the program without having to talk to any of your fellow students, then go for it.

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