A flock of easter peeps

It’s that time of year again.. The time when a few of my pictures find meaning, popularity, and I feel particularly good about my photography. I took this shot a year or so ago and it’s always made me smile. (And no, there weren’t quite that many peeps. Oh, the wonders of photoshop.) Buy a…

the girl with the bubbles

Some recent art  – a narrative starring Kristan. Responses have been good so far – ranging from “Hey, I want to buy that”, to the TA for my section: “whimsical-yet-slightly-uneasy-like-you-are-in-a-dream-that-might-get-a-little- weird-but-not-scary-weird-just-your-head-turns-into-a-watermelon-weird-and- you-float-away-in-a-bubble-weird-to-go-to-a-robot-wedding-weird” I’d say that’s a good thing.

pictures in the dark

In another strange course of events – I wasn’t able to swing a photo class this quarter, so instead I’m in a film class. which has me taking pictures. It’s seemingly unavoidable, and i’m totally okay with that. I love photography, and i’ll take any chance to get credit for it… but yes – the…

no power = crazy time

So, for some reason or another, power was out on the campus grid last night. I was up at KZSC, just having finished my show, and the lights went out. ‘This is bad’, was the thought of all of us there – as it’s hard to broadcast radio without power. There was some emergency power,…


New camera toy, a lens of sorts called a lensbaby that is basically an adjustable bellows (which in effect gives total control on focus areas). View a set on Flickr here